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JIDELEC : RFID solutions that will contribute to your business growth.


JIDELEC is a independant software company, based in France nearby Toulouse which imagine, design, develop and integrate tracking solutions on three main markets :

  • people transportation
  • healthcare: public hospitality, biomedecin
  • industry

JIDELEC is specialized in high and low level software in the field of data collection and traceability, implementing mobile computings, automatic identification technologies (RFID HF/UHF) and wireless data.

Its expertise in .net technologies, in mobile software and RFID enable JIDELEC to offer a wide range of cloud based software, using innovative technologies, that brings added value to it's customer’s products and/or services.



Trace'it Family : RFID tracking systems

Trace'it Outils : Tool Tracking & Management

Declined directly from a R&D program  conducted on behalf of AIRBUS, Trace'It Outils is a cloud based solution allowing mobile field operations to locate, inventory and track sensitive tools on large industrial plants or multi located companies.
The software is designed for fleet managers in charge in safety of use,  periodic inspection and maintenance and provides the following advantages :
  • Streamline Tool Inspections and Calibrations
  • Ease tool location and stop tool loss
  • Grant right management on operations
  • Manage tools documentation
  • Manage inventories

Trace'It Outils makes an intensive use of RFID UHF to identify and inventory the assets.


Trace'it Biomed : a complete solution to improve logistic operations of medical laboratories is the pre analytical process

The system - modular - is used to track samples in boxes or bags from the collection sites until their arrival on the technical platform as well as flows between sites with minimal impact on way of working. It can be combined with temperature loggers allowing the laboratory to have a complete vision of the pre analytical process : amounts, deadlines, dates and times, concsecutive transfers of responsibility,  carriage conditions ...

It is an important tool in the process of accreditation of the laboratory, but also can bring significant gains in logistics optimization and customer relationship. Indeed, by it's design , it offers capabilities for detecting incidents and allow practices improvements. 


Trace'it SITH : Transport Management System for Hospitals

SITH is a solution dedicated to the logistic departments of large hospitals characterized by :

- heavy duty

- 24/365

- bidirectionnal flows

- severe tracking regulation


SITH provides :

- a call center for emergency transport

- a web based backoffice for planning, optmization, reporting

- embedded software on PDA for the "last meters" logistic

- managed RFID portals.

- interface with warehouse management systems (WMS)

SITH manage all kind of transport mode that can be used inside the walls of the hospital (pedestrian, light vehicule, automatic guided vehicle) as well as outdoor transport mode (inter sites).


Psibus family : Ticketing Solutions for Public Transport Networks by Bus

PsiBus is a high-level and professionnal ticketing solution that allows to produce, distribute and control paper and/or electronic tickets (contactless, NFC)...

PsiBus comes with a full range of devices allowing our customers to enlarge their sales network, secure their revenues and manage the transport offer :

  • on board validators
  • embedded and mobile point of sales
  • ticket vending machines
  • ...

The Psibus software suite is secured, interoperable and easy to maintain. It can be cloud based (SaaS).

Psibus is available in three versions to easily adapt to the size of the user companies.


Experiences and cross expertise allow JIDELEC to succeed in being in charge of important projects, requiring transverse skills and services.

  • Consultancy and engineering,
  • On demand software development (Microsoft.Net) and integration for tracking, location, and  data collection applications.
  • Electronic (RF) conception, design and manufacturing.
  • Post sales support, repair and maintenance